Heli Forklift

Operation comfort improved

  • The diameter of steering wheel is reduced to reduce arm fatigue.
  • The space for pedal is enlarged.
  • Seat is design with man-machine engineering.
  • Backlight design of meter is easy to read and engine fault code is shown on the meter.
  • The horizontal view of mast is improved.
  • Lowering buffering is configured.
  • Headspace is enlarged.

The performance of easy maintenance is further improved

  • The drive axle is Improve to reduced maintenance frequency.
  • Fault code is displayed on the meter to improve truck maintenance efficiency.
  • Large opening angle of engine hood makes maintenance easier.
  • The contact space between engine and transmission box is enlarged and it is easy for engine oil filter maintenance.
  • Integrated electric box is easy for maintenance.
  • The 24°conical sealing is adopted on hydraulic pipeline and it is easy for assembly and disassembly.


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